Making Your Home Smarter, Safer, and Cheaper

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We’ve heard a lot of buzz about the internet of things, and how it is going to make our homes smarter. There are a lot of cool developments going on out there, with companies making everything from smart refrigerators to smart carpets (yes, smart carpets). Of course, these things are cool, but for now, they are more of a novelty than a necessity. Many people use this as an excuse to laugh at the Smart Home industry, saying things like “it’s an overpriced fad.” We wouldn’t blame you for thinking that, but it couldn’t be further than the truth.

Studies show that homeowners should expect to pay 1-4% of their home’s value annually on maintenance and repairs. If you have a $200,000 home, that is between $2,000 and $12,000 each year, and these prices are only rising! What if there was a way you could affordably make your own Smart Home that could actually make your life easier and save you money on repairs? Now that would be smart. Luckily, that’s where we come in.

Problems Facing Property Management

Maintaining a property is expensive and frustrating, regardless of whether or not you rent or own a property. There are so many things that can go wrong, such as water damage, HVAC failure, bug infestations, theft, and more. These problems have been around for centuries, but despite technology advancing at an exponential rate, these expenses are still increasing rapidly!

Of course, these problems aren’t easy to solve, at least not traditionally. In the past, if you didn’t hire expensive maintenance teams to do regular, manual checks on every facet of your home’s infrastructure, problems were inevitable. Even if you could afford that, housing problems are often sporadic, so calendar maintenance doesn’t always work. As a result, these variable costs became seen as necessary costs. Then, along came the internet of things, and suddenly everything changed.

The Internet of Things (IoT):  the network of physical objects (“things”) embedded with sensors, software, electronics, and network connectivity, which enables them to collect and exchange data.

The IoT Solution

The internet of things enables people to use sensors to monitor different conditions in any environment.  For a long time, the available solutions were too expensive and difficult to use, especially for the average homeowner.  Further, these solutions didn’t always meet individual consumer’s needs. This has since changed with Tarts Sensors’ affordable remote monitoring system, which makes it easy to monitor your home, from anywhere, at any time. Our wireless temperature sensors, water detection sensors, motion sensors, and much more, can be fully customized with our simple API, and Arduino, Rasberry Pi, or BeagleBone Black to do anything you want. Seriously, the sky is the limit.

Of course, how does this help you save time and money? Well, because it’s Winter, I’ll give one of the most common, and expensive problems that homeowners are facing today: water damage. In the cold, pipes are particularly prone to freezing, and consequentially, breaking. If a pipe breaks, it will begin to leak, making water damage inevitable. Water damage costs you, the average homeowner, an average of nearly $7,000! By installing a Tarts Wireless Temperature Sensor near your pipes, should the temperature fall below freezing, you can be alerted before it breaks, and take necessary preventative action. If you were particularly savvy, you could even build an automatic system that would begin heating the area, solving the problem on its own.

Think of every problem you have ever had in your home, and then imagine never having it again. That is the power of Tarts Sensors.

Why this is Important

It is easy to dismiss the smart home as a “fad.” After all, a $4,500 refrigerator might be convenient, but it’s still a $4,500 refrigerator. The real problem that homeowners face isn’t that they don’t know if they have milk or not, or whether or not their laundry is done. The real problem is that disasters happen, and they are not only annoying and time consuming, but expensive. By making your house smarter, not just in the ways you want it to be, but the ways you need it to be, you can finally take control of your home, and focus your time and money on the things important to you.

Tarts Sensors Wireless Solutions:

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The internet of things provides an enormous opportunity to protect and monitor your home from wherever you are. With our simple, open-source API, there are endless ways to smarten up your home. After reading this post, you hopefully have a better understanding of how you can use modern, connected technology to save money, increase safety, and live better.

Now go do it.

Tarts Sensors is the most intuitive, reliable, cost-effective, and customizable solution on the market. For more information, visit the support section of our website.

“I ordered a Tarts Gateway for Arduino and a few sensors and control devices to start with. These things are fun! It took about a half an hour to get up and running! I’m building my own “Smart Home” and Tarts Sensors are just the ticket!” – WeekendWarrior