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Monnit Wireless Sensor Solutions to Track Rental Equipment

Wireless Solutions for
Rental Tool Tracking

Do you have valuable rental tools and assets you would like to keep track of? Saws? Drills? Grinders? Routers? Hammers? Tool Boxes? Welders? Generators? Monnit provides a way
to track the usage of your tools and equipment using low cost wireless sensors. Save money
by being able to track your rental equipment.

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How It Works:
1. Place sensors on "things"
you want to monitor
Place Sensors on Things
2. Set alerts for when
"conditions" are met.
Set Notifications
3. Receive real-time alerts
wherever you are.
Receive Notifications
  • Keep Track of Rental Equipment
    Ensure that rental equipment only leaves the building when it has been rented, and track when it has arrived back at the store.
  • Save Time and Money
    Save money by preventing the loss or theft of rental equipment.
  • True Wireless Freedom with Exceptional Range
    250' - 300' wireless range (Expandable with a wireless Repeater.) *
  • Low-Cost Wireless Sensors and Monitoring Options
    Sensors starting at $49 with FREE Online Monitoring **

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