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    I read the disclaimer about no security, and being able to hack into the device if you know the device ID and type:

      “Please be aware that any Tarts Gateway Shield (Arduino, Raspberry Pi or others) can be configured to pick up sensor data or
      change sensor parameters, just by knowing the sensor identification number and sensor type. If an application requires
      that sensor data be secured, it is the responsibility of the user to address security issues and sharing restrictions. “

    There is no mention made anywhere of encryption, etc. Is there anything the maker can do on their own to add their own layer of security between device and gateway, other than depending on the built-in security by obscurity? I’m not worried about reading the data, but about changing parameters on the sensor device – especially if I want to use any sensor in a home security system.

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    My bad – this question was already raised, with no solution provided other than to use Monnit sensors and gateways – which I’m very aware of and I’ll be using professionally in the near future – but they’re too expensive for my personal use budget.

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    Eli Redd
    Eli Redd

    Hello Saelkind,

    Your understanding is correct. The Tarts sensors don’t have any encryption on the sensor to gateway communication. Given your concern, if someone had the ID and Code for the sensor, they would potentially be able to change settings on the sensors. However given the way the devices work, i feel it would be difficult, unless they were able to gain physical access to the device. Once your gateway and sensor pair, they will continue to talk to each other exclusively, even if there is another gateway in the area your sensor could talk to. So long as your gateway is online, and your sensor can talk to it, it won’t attempt to find another gateway.

    Hope that helps.

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