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Welcome Forums Tarts for Raspberry Pi Python code help to get things rolling

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    thomas godshalk

    Hello – I sent this message to “support” a week ago and haven’t heard anything back. Perhaps somebody here can help” The message to “support” – “Hello – I just received my Raspberry Pi plate and 2 sensors from you folks. I need a little help to get up and running. I’m at the “Modify one or more of the examples provided with your gateway and sensor IDs.” step and having trouble knowing exactly what the example code is supposed to look like. I’ve done minimal coding using Python. I’ve got the motion sensor and was hoping for some example code for it that I could cut and paste to get me started. I can modify it to specify my plate and sensor IDs but the example code you supply on the website pertaining to the temp sensor has me confused as it included some references to the beagle bone black plate etc. Thanks for any hand-holding you can provide!”

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    Eli Redd
    Eli Redd

    Hello Thomas,

    Thank you for choosing Tarts Sensors.

    We didn’t do any coding in Python. We did all of our coding in C++. You can use the examples in our libraries to get a feel for how the code should be structured.

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    thomas godshalk

    Hi – Thanks so much for the response. Certainly explains why the example code looked strange to me! I think I can open a text editor and put C+++ code in, save it and run it. The example code you folks supply – is it all one program or is each section a separate program (global variables, tarts events, keyboard thread and adruino like setup/loop code)? It seems like it’s probably one big program since at the beginning tarts.h and tartstrings.h appear to both be called into play along with the respective ID numbers of the plate and sensor. Can I copy/paste the entire page into a text editor and then just modify it to my ID numbers and change the temperature sensor component to a motion sensor one?

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    Eli Redd
    Eli Redd

    The files in the library are one file. Everything you need to get started is included in the libraries. The TartsPlatform handles the interaction between your Raspberry Pi and our hardware. TartsSenors is the code that defines sensor behavior.

    Yes you can use our examples and adjust the appropriate values to get the correct profile applied to a sensor. This is something you would need to do, otherwise you’d be receiving bad information from your sensors.

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      Fred Shamerson
      Fred Shamerson

      Hi There.
      I just found out about tartssensors and I’m considiring bying 90 temp sensors and 10 Raspberry Pi plates. This is just the beginning.
      BUT, is it really so that there is not python 2.x support for these sensors?

      I will not start to code complex system of mine with C++.

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    Ro Gallesio


    Could anyone share some python coding to get me started?
    Or share the protocol of interfacing with the gateway.
    Looked at the C code but my eyes glazed over.


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