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Welcome Forums Tarts for Arduino TartsSniffer won't log data after registering sensor with y from y/n

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    So for this project I am attempting to use multiple sensors which are three temp sensors, Ativity sensor, Basic control, Tilt,and voltage sensors all to connect to the TartsSniffer program and each have their (individual control for setReportInterval and to only show the formatted value along with a user defined name attached) when the data pops up in serial monitor. I’ve been able to get all the temp sensors working with the Tartsbasic program which only takes data from one sensor at a time, however others will show up as (GW[T5YC2D]: 3) in the middle of the rest of the data from a single temp sensor if i have more than the designated one plugged in. This is how I know the program is recieving some ping from the nondesignated sensors. Is there any way Tarts Support could aid me with this program code writting and editing for TartsSniffer program as my little experience with writing programs is nowhere near enough to get the above specifications correct without it spitting errors at me left and right.

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